Perched offers commercial support, education, custom development, and enterprise deployment of the RockNSM and CAPES platforms

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We provide a variety of education services designed to get your team up and running quickly, so they can start catching bad guys.


We like to think that ROCK and CAPES are pretty great out of the box, but we are here to help tailor it to your needs.


Developing a successful Intelligence driven Security program is no small feat. Leverage our team's experience to develop a program that meets your needs.


Deploying sensors at scale doesn't always go as planned. We're here to help when you need us.

Our Partners

Our Newest Partner

We look forward to starting the process of making ROCK a certified Red Hat ready solution.

Our First Partner

We are grateful that Elastic has agreed to partner with us during the founding days of our startup. Elastic is a core element of many large-scale NSM ecosystems and a leader in data search and analytics platform technologies.

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